Its Quality Comes from the Past

Becoming familiar with the profession of jewellery since childhood as an inheritance from their grandfather, Onur Sahin and Kadir Sahin offer their long-years of valuable experience to the young brand ONKA Gold. As a company successfully blending different jewellery production methods particularly including Hallow jewellery group, ONKA has brought a breath of fresh air to the jewellery industry with its young but experienced, meticulous but dynamic structure.

As a company producing pounds of golden jewellery every month in its production facility located at Kuyumcukent and exporting a large amount of its production, ONKA Gold is known by many people and organizations as if it were the 40-year brand of the sector.

With its Central Office at Kuyumcukent Workshops Block Ground Floor, ONKA Gold meets the needs of the leading brands of our country in the hallow jewellery group as well as being a preferred brand abroad.

The young brand successfully benefits from all the blessings of technology in its modern production facility to integrate tens of brand new models into mine with a unique design approach. Being able to assess the different expectations of different markets very well, ONKA attracts attention with its flexibility and capacity to make custom production for companies. ONKA Gold team carries out its activities with the slogan “Onka offers unique Quality" and takes firm steps forward...